We all watched proudly as our president, along with his beautiful family, visited the royals in England with the French president and his wife while honoring those who defended and protected our freedom and liberty—as Donald Trump does very capably at home each and every day.

Most of America loves or has come to love this president for his amazing, unprecedented accomplishments as a leader and as a true patriot who represents “all” citizens, including those whose lack of better judgment and common sense blinded them from voting for him in 2016 and from supporting him now. 

Maybe someday they, too, will wake up, come to their senses and realize that they should appreciate a good thing when they see it or when they have it rather than harboring spiteful and hateful attitudes over superficial nonsense.

And for those ungratefuls who feel contempt for our president and this great nation, perhaps they should move to one of the many Third World or socialist alternatives and then see how they feel. 

This is a free country, which also means you are “free to leave.”

Help Keep America Great. 

K. Geist

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max Kebhaa

No, we did not all “watch trump and his beautiful family” embarrass themselves and all Americans w pride. The author of this delusional post best keep his name anonymous. Most people in Malibu, California, the country and even the world hate trump. He is an evil demagogue, and whoever wrote this is just another clueless and sycophantic ignoramous

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