Our second mass murder in as many weeks. The after action report comforts the shooters, and their enablers, while demonizing the victims: The killer had a bad hair day. The poor NRA is forced to declare bankruptcy. Only deviants rack up a five-figure bill at Asian massage parlors. Those shoppers were supporting a market selling GMO enhanced meats...

I suggest arming the gun store owners themselves with some ammo to screen for potential shooters. Perhaps a brief checklist before sliding that shiny new AR-15 over the counter:  

Is the buyer driving a van covered in Aryan Nation stickers with a speaker blaring “this vehicle will explode in five minutes”?

Does the purchaser look like a total psychopath?

Ask the customer himself a few basic questions:

Have you seen every Jodie Foster movie twice?

Have you killed anyone today?

Have you tried to kill anyone else today?

Finally, does the guy’s t-shirt read: “Guns don’t kill people. I do”?

Dan Bercu

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