We each have our own “what is real” narrative. The holy Baal Shemtov, the great spiritual master, observed: “Wherever your mind is, that is where you are.”

This coming Sunday night, Jews around the world begin observing Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year. We are encouraged to look into our reality, that is, where are we in our life and where is our path leading?

How we see things comprises our perspective, which in turn affects our thoughts, speech and action. Thus, it’s so important that we reflect on what drives us and thoughtfully review how we see ourselves and others. 

The call of the Shofar is sounded on Rosh Hashana. This simple sound represents our script before it is written. It resonates with the inner sound of our hearts and invites us to recalibrate... to introduce a new narrative for the coming year. In observing Rosh Hoshana, the call of the Shofar is the most important moment!

The Shofar’s wordless vibration of our soul’s energy is powerful as we embrace the future. In this magical moment, we reach deep into our hearts where all things are possible. 

As always, Chabad’s Rosh Hashana is “on the house.” For all of you, consider renewal for your life. I pray that you set your intentions, and that you are blessed to make them your new reality. When I listen to the Shofar, I hear the sound of miracles for the coming year. Happy Rosh Hashana! 

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