I hate to admit it, but life without El Trumpo and his insane clown posse is boring. There is no need to switch to KNX hourly to see if the world still exists.

CNN is forced to discuss racism on “The Bachelor” while the LA Times compares rewards for Lady Gaga’s dogs vs. the Beverly Hills “Watchjacker.” I can see and hear the Orange One only in the fever dreams of my second COVID vaccine.

I observe a pale gringo with red arm hair, laying bricks to expand an endless wall at the Mexican border. An overstuffed Blackwater contractor in a stretch limo rolls out plans on his front hood: “Here’s where the new tunnel connects the local Proud Boys’ corporate office directly under Nancy Pelosi’s office at The Capitol.”

At opposition leader Novelty’s recent “trial” in Moscow, the KGB’s expert witness sports a soviet era bouffant hairdo. He plays black and white footage of Novalny, mask-less, seated next to CA Governor Gavin Newsom at The French Laundry. Lastly, I read about a NY attorney submitting an obscure case to his old friend, Judge Kavanaugh, for his review and opinion at the Supreme Court.

In the suit, NBA star Dwayne WADE is suing Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami over some tainted ROE. Pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my name...

Dan Bercu

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James McGowan

Fever dreams, Dan? Actually sounds like you're straight up trippin' ...

Please write more letters. Funniest stuff I've ever read here.

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