I endorse Keith Coleman, Jon Kean and Jennifer Smith for the Santa Monica-Malibu School Board. 

So do Advocates for Malibu Public Schools (AMPS) and all five Malibu City Council members.

Keith Coleman is a distinguished visiting scholar at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education. Like me, he is a passionate advocate for educational innovation. He’s an out-of-the-box thinker, an outsider to SMMUSD politics and a SMMUSD parent. 

Jen Smith has been a PTA leader for many years, including two terms as PTA council president. She has always been a good listener and a fair advocate for the kids of both cities. She is a SMMUSD parent and will be a steady, caring, and open-minded school board member.

Jon Kean is the current SMMUSD School Board President. He is thoughtful and very focused. His continued presence on the board these next four years will make it better.

Whoever you decide upon, please do not vote for Maria Leon Vazquez.  She should not be elected for a sixth term. Twenty years is more than enough, especially for Malibu voters, given her reflexively anti-Malibu bias.

Containing only 15 percent of the voters in SMMUSD, our votes alone can never elect a candidate. But our 15 percent of the vote, if voted for the same candidates by all of Malibu, can potentially become the margin of victory for our chosen candidates.

Please join me in voting for Keith Coleman, Jennifer Smith, and Jon Kean for SMMUSD School Board on Nov. 3.

Craig Foster

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