In response to “Rick Mullen accuses city of being an ‘agent of the MRCA’” on Aug. 29

I wish to rebut Council Member Mullen’s assertion that the Malibu city staff has been of any assistance to the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority or the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

They have been unfailingly professional and courteous and are of the highest intellectual caliber. 

But they have never deviated from fielty to the Malibu City Council’s unrelenting opposition to public access to the beach and the other public resources paid for and protected by the 39,547,223 residents of California who don’t live in Malibu.

Joseph T. Edmiston, MRCA

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Jacky Tomlinson

Mr. Edmonton buys land in Malibu and keeps it safe for animals and all Californian’s enjoyment. That makes him a hero in my mind. I am told, mostly by his detractors, that he works tirelessly to this end and is very effective. His detractors say he has accumulated more land than he can effectively manage. I’m mostly glad the land is safely protected so that our beloved Malibu is protected from becoming like all the other affluent beach cities, concrete jungles perched on the edge of the sea. I take our founding father’s and mother’s statement that we as citizens are charged to preserve the rural nature and raw lands of Malibu.

All of this said, I have personally walked a mile in each direction from a beach cottage we have across from Duke’s and have found repeatedly, and sadly, that even if the beach gates were open, 1 being at Duke’s and another a mile south that some private citizen has blocked, the water level is so high and there is so little “beach” now that entry would be hazardous anyway! Obviously I am saddened to not be able to walk across the highway to the beach.

I am very concerned in light of the latest FEMA report about the beaches in Malibu disappearing.

I’ve heard that Malibu has spent approximately $500,000.00 on a study and report on how to save Malibu since the FEMA report came out. I’d like to see it. I think we should all be paying attention to this now.

I wish we as Malibuites had better beach access, as well as all Californians. I hope this will be an issue in the future because we still have beaches!!!

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