This is KBUU News - Day 307 - the Thursday Headlines:

  • =   Camping in the mountains above Malibu  … about to go before the Board of Supervisors.
  • =   A record number of traffic tickets this summer … and a major safety achievement. 
  • =   Malibu’s drive to divorce Santa Monica is costing local schools this year … but parents are stepping up.
  • =   A local state senator is in the middle of a high stakes Sacramento battle over recycling.
  • =   And so far .. there are no crashes on PCH in Pacific Palisades this morning … so far.


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The California Coastal Commission and MRCA - the Mountain Resource and Conservation Authority - want to set up campgrounds in the mountains above Malibu … and most local residents bitterly oppose that.  Despite that … the L-A County Board of Supervisors will be voting in two weeks to amend the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Plan…  to allow camping in ESHA areas near Malibu. Details:


This summer’s big increase in sheriff’s deputies on Pacific Coast Highway has achieved results.   Details:


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Malibu’s drive to separate out of the Santa Monica Malibu School District continues.

Negotiations between the school board and the City of Malibu have been going on for nearly two years now … quietly and behind the scenes.  Update:


Meanwhile … Santa Monica school officials continue to plan for the reconstruction of Malibu High School … and Malibu Middle School.  And plans for the general layout of the twin campuses will be revealed next Wednesday … here in Malibu Park.   Details:


Divers yesterday recovered the final victim of the dive boat fire that killed 34 people on Labor Day .. 50 miles up the coast from Malibu.

The fire broke out during a Labor Day weekend diving expeditiontrapping the victims who were sleeping below deck. 

Five crew members who were sleeping on the open deck at the time were able to jump overboars … they fire already too intense to get anyone else out.

Yesterday … the Coast Guard issued new emergency safety requirements to passenger vessels … based on the Santa Barbara Channel fire.  

The regulations restrict use of lithium batteries to charge cameras cell phones and other electronic devices … hooked up to power strips connected to a ships generator.

The NTSB has raises questions about safety on the conception… the dive boat that caught fire.

They said the vessel lacked a roaming night watchman to remain awake to alert passengers of fire or other danger.

Plus there may have been deficiences some people areSome of the surviving crew members told investigators they didn’t have adequate training to handle a major emergency; and passengers may not have received thorough safety briefings.

Authorities have been planning to raise the boat from the Santa Barbara Channel for days, but those efforts have been repeatedly put off due to bad weather. Officials now expect the salvage process to begin Thursday or Friday.


Local state senator Ben Allen is at the center of a massive tussle at the state capitol. 

He is the author of Senate Bill 54 … one of two companion bills taking aim at the billions of tons of packaging sent to the dumps of California every year.

The companion bills are widely considered to be the most significant environmental legislation of 2019 in California. 

They would require two fundamental changes in California law.

All single-use packaging and food products — including plates, straws, forks, spoons, knives, cups and bowls that are offered for sale, sold, or imported into California — would have to be recyclable or made of materials that can compost. 

And … the bills also would require a 75% reduction of the waste generated from single-use packaging in California by 2030. 

The Sacramento Bee newspaper reports that opponents include the California Chamber of Commerce, the Chemical Industry Council of California, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the Plastic Shipping Container Institute and other industry groups.

The five largest companies in California— Nestle, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Unilever and Anheuser Busch — say they can meet those goals … by 2025.

The legislative session wraps up tomorrow.

Stay tuned … we’ll see what comes out of the sausage factory.


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Traffic is …

The weather is ….

And the surf is … 

This is Malibu’s only local daily news. It’s the   ((((  time  ))) edition of the (((  day ))) news …


Traffic … in 65 seconds … first … 


Weather for the Malibu ….

((((   Sunny   )))) … highs  ((((    76   )))) beaches … ((((   99    )))) mountains and canyons. 

Downcoast winds …  (((  gusty .. up to 15    )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((    7;0   )))).

After that … (((  warm clear and a brilliant moon   )))) tonight … low ((((    )))) beaches …  ((((   66  )))) mountains and canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((    even hotter … up to 102 over the hill.    )))).

Right now … at Trancas it’s ((((    63   )))) degrees.

Leo Carrillo Beach …   ((((   64    )))).

Upper Malibu Canyon …  ((((    70    )))) .

And at Civic Center Los Angeles … ((((   66   )))).

In the ocean … it’s ((((     66  )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((   2 to 3 … occasionally 4 )))) feet high …. 

W/SSW swell tops out. Minor NW swell-mix.

Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

(((((  High tide is at 9:52am … 4.5 feet.

Low 3:18pm

And a 5 and a half foot high tide … tonight at 9:20.   ))))


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