The 33rd Annual Malibu Triathlon is this weekend, as most everyone can guess. But what you may not know is that it has grown, again, this time from 2 to 3 races. And that means you can expect huge crowds, road closures and turn prohibitions up and down the coast Saturday and Sunday.

What are the exact hours for road closures? WE DO NOT KNOW. The Triathlon organizers say 5am to 2 pm. Usually the closures don't really start until 6:45, when the runners or bicyclists hit the road.
This year there will be a road bicycle race, to Camarillo and back. Does this mean PCH will be closed to Oxnard? We do not know.
If you are trying to get out from Busch, Morning View, Guernsey etc., the best bet is to try to work your way over to Bonsall.  In years past, the sheriff's office has promised to let traffic out, to turn left to go up the hill. In practice, that has been iffy.
Many hours you will be directed to turn left, and no U-turns will be allowed - supposedly all the way out to Leo Carrillo Beach. In practice, you may be able to make a safe (Illegal) U-turn at the parking overlooks west of Trancas.
People have been arrested for driving across the triathlon course.
Look, there will be 70,000 people here, they will be gone by midafternoon each day, and then we get our lives back. Have fun with them.

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