CHP units arrested one motorcyclist and sent away others today, after three hours of loud engines, wheelies and speeding at Zuma Beach.

At about 11:15 Sunday morning, the sounds of sirens interrupted the revving and poor driving exhibitions in the Trancas area.

One driver refused to pull over, and was chased from Trancas to Kanan-Dume and back. He eventually sped off west, towards Ventura, with CHP in pursuit.

The L A County sheriff's beach team watched from their ATVs, although their helicopter flew off towards Mugu after the chase had long passed Trancas.

CHP officers monitored the chase from Trancas, in case the cyclist doubled back again.

CHP officers said the motorcyclist stopped near Point Mugu, probably out of gas. He was arrested by Ventura County sheriff's deputies and taken for booking at the Malibu-Lost Hills jail.

Although the state highway is the responsibility of the local police to patrol - in this case, the LA Sheriff's Office -the CHP has been increasingly working within Malibu city limits due to the large number of poor drivers of loud cars.

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