This is KBUU News - Day 192 - the Wed headlines:

  • =  Malibu High continues to grapple with that ugly fight … caught on video.
  • =  The battle to save womens’ health rights … and preserve abortion … in Malibu.
  • =  L A County sheriff Alex Villanueva will hold a public meeting in Malibu tonight.
  • =  That will be one day after a watchdog agency accuses his office of sweeping complaints under the carpet. 
  • =  Special traffic enforcement efforts in Malibu today … also an emergency blood drive.

Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … from Radio Malibu  …. F-M 99 point 1 K B U U. Good morning … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.


Malibu High School students will be brought into an assembly today … as the school continues to deal with an ugly playground brawl that had ugly racist and class overtones.  Details: 


Across the nation yesterday … women and men stood on street corners to proclaim support for a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body. 

In Malibu .. about 30 persons and several dogs were congregated at the city’s unofficial speakers corner … the busy intersection of Pacific Coast Highway at Webb Way.  Details:


A local political battle is also coming to Malibu … tonight.  Los Angeles County sheriff Alex Villanueva is coming out to Malibu to address local constituents tonight at 6.  Details:


An emergency  blood drive has been scheduled for today at the Malibu Library.

The American Red Cross has an emergency need for blood. 

The need for blood is constant and only volunteer donors can fulfill that need for patients in Malibu and beyond. 

Nationwide, someone needs a unit of blood every 2 to 3 seconds and most of us will need blood in our lifetime.

There will be $5 Amazon gift cards emailed out to all donors today … as a thank you for help during this blood emergency.

Now … the City of malibu and the American red Cross will be staging their annual Blood Drive.

It will be in about 2 weeks … Thursday, June 6th … from 10 AM to 4 PM.

It’s at City Hall.

Appointments are available now … at the city switchboard … 310 456-2489.

It doesn’t hurt … it really doesn’t.

And did we mention .. they always have free cookies???



Extra traffic enforcement today in Malibu.

Word to the wise. 


Traffic … in 65 seconds … first … 


Weather for the Malibu ….

((((   Clouding up.

There is a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon.  )))) … highs  ((((  66   )))) beaches … ((((   68   )))) mountains and canyons. 

Downcoast winds …  (((   gusting as high as 20   )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((   7:54    )))).

The 30 percent chance of rain continues tonight … low ((((  53  )))) beaches …  ((((    50   )))) mountains and canyons.

Tomorrow  ((((    20 percent chance of rain all day   )))).

Right now … at Trancas it’s ((((    58   )))) degrees.

Leo Carrillo Beach …   ((((   57    )))).

Upper Malibu Canyon …  ((((   51  )))) .

And at Civic Center Los Angeles … ((((   66   )))).

In the ocean … it’s ((((    60    )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((  3-6  )))) feet high …. 

A large south swell continues out of the south.

Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

((((( Low  tide was at 7:04 AM 

A moderate high tide … at 2:04 this afternoon.

And another low tide tonight at 6.    ))))


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