From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News ... these are the Friday Headlines:

  • = The 2020 West Coast Firestorms continue to burn … none yet in the local mountains.
  • = Malibu parents again being asked … are you going to send you kids to school?
  • = Pepperdine University closed its dorms after an early announcement … saying they would be open.
  • = Now the school is asking thousands of young people … please stop throwing big off-campus parties.
  • = The flags are up at Pepperdine … but the 9-11 memorial is off limits to the public this year.
LOCAL NEWS AT 7:07, 7:37.
8:07, 8:37.
On the radio .... F-M 99 point 1 K B U U.
And streaming ...

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