I do not think we are going to see the sun this afternoon on the beach ... there's 4,000 feet of fog crashing into the mountains above Pasadena. This is KBUU News - Day 224 - the Friday Headlines:
= Defending Malibu against rising ocean levels will cost 67 million dollars … and take two miles of seawalls.
= A new study looks at exactly what rising ocean levels means to the Malibu coast.
= City officials are making plans to take over Charmlee Park … but M R C A plans for Bluffs Park are murky.
= Dealing with rats and dump bins that are left open … goes before the city council.
= And state workers have cleared 98 percent of the wreckage from the fire … in the state clearance program.
Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … from Radio Malibu …. F-M 99 point 1 K B U U. Good morning … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.



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