This is KBUU News - Day 391 - the Thursday Headlines:

  • = The largest shopping center in Malibu in 30 years is about to start construction.
  • = The FCC is taking action on your cellphones going out … not in a fire … not in a blackout … but if we ever have a hurricane the FCC will be ready.
  • = The Trump Administration sues the city of L -A over a wildfire on federal land.
  • = Oceanfront cities tell the legislature … ocean flooding is here and we need help.
  • = And ’tis the season … we have a roundup of holiday parties for you to drop in on.

Mo says the waves at Surfrider Beach today are   ((((  4 to 6   )))) feet high …. 

Clean waves … not much wind … slight bump on the water.

And no one is at first point this morning!!!

Those are ((((  great )))) surfing conditions …. according to Mo.

(((((   Low tide is at     11:26

High tide is at    4:48 .))))

Malibu’s Only Local Daily News... plus the California Report …. on 99 point 1 K B U U - L P Malibu Los Angeles. Good morning … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.
Traffic is …
The weather is ….
And the surf is …
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