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Trucks with supplies were being allowed into western Malibu with a fire department escort starting Wednesday, Nov. 14. This truck stopped at Malibu West Beach Club.

On Wednesday, Nov. 14, a caravan of nine trucks—from Uhauls to pickups—made its way into Malibu, the first ground supply of its scale since the city was closed off due to the Woolsey Fire. 

Supplies were dropped in several areas around town, including a large delivery to the Malibu West Beach Club.

“We got a fire escort up and dropped supplies at Morning View in a Uhaul,” described Clinton Davis, one of those delivering supplies. The food, toiletries, batteries and other items were piled high in the Zuma Beach Parking Lot. 

Howard Leight, owner of Malibu Rocky Oaks Winery, was one major source of the supplies, including the yacht full of food, water and beer that arrived in Paradise Cove a day earlier.

On Saturday, just one day after the fire ravaged Malibu, relief efforts were being coordinated in Santa Monica. On Sunday, the first supplies were floated in. But Tuesday’s shipment by boat and Wednesday’s trucks were by far the largest.

Longtime Malibu resident David Charvet of Jones Builders Group was the one coordinating the deliveries—and supplying workers.

“All my friends lost their homes,” Charvet said, “so we decided to start putting a group together.”

When asked where donations were originating, Charvet said it was a true community effort.

“We’re getting donations from everybody—it’s been truly incredible,” he described. “I’ve never seen this community, in 25 years, come together so quickly and work so efficiently.” 

Charvet said they were planning to continue providing aid until they could begin the process of rebuilding.

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