Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between 6/6 - 6/23:


Lost luxury

Deputies responded to a burglary on Solstice Canyon Road after an “MCM” backpack and Louis Vuitton wallet were stolen from a vehicle. The owner went on a hike and upon her return noticed her front passenger window was smashed.


Missing mail

A custom mailbox was broken into on Cliffside Drive. The caretaker of the property reviewed video footage and observed a male forcing the mailbox open and removing the mail. The damaged mailbox was worth $450.


Tech theft

Deputies responded to a burglary on Pacific Coast Highway. About $4,420 worth of personal items were stolen from a vehicle including an iPhone X, HP Elite book, a Canon DSLR Camera, Sony MX100 Digital camera, an Almond R-Series foam short board and the victim’s wallet containing $300. 


Beach burglary

An iPhone X worth $1,000 was stolen from a vehicle parked on Pacific Coast Highway. After surfing, the victim noticed his keys were missing from the front passenger tire.


Business bash

Deputies responded to a burglary alarm in a business on Crosscreek Road. There were $2,500 worth of damaged property. Multiple clothing items were taken; the manager was unable to access recorded video footage during the time of inspection. 

Backpack dash

Deputies responded to a vehicle burglary parked on Solstice Road. A backpack worth $200 was taken after rear passenger-side window was smashed. 

Broken glass

A woman’s purse, wallet and driver’s license were stolen from a vehicle parked on Pacific Coast Highway after the rear side passenger window was smashed


Card theft

A vehicle was broken into on Pacific Coast Highway. The owner of the vehicle was unable to find the keys he hid within the wheel well of the vehicle—upon eventual entry he noticed the glove compartment had been ransacked and his iPhone and credit cards were missing. He contacted the banks and they said multiple purchases were made at Ventura County electronics stores for several thousands of dollars. 



A professor for the University of Georgia reported a burglary at a restaurant in Eastern Malibu after valet returned his vehicle with its window smashed and $5,800 worth of electronics stolen, including an HP Laptop, Dell Laptop, iPad Pro and a Macbook Air.  

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