Cuthbert Circuit

Power was out to the Cuthbert Circuit on Wednesday night.

Southern California Edison confirmed it had shut off power Wednesday night to the Cuthbert Circuit—affecting Point Dume northeast to about Latigo Canyon—as part of its PSPS (Public Safety Power Shut-Off) program.

"SCE notified the city that it had shut off power the Cuthbert Circuit 10/30/19 at 8:49 p.m.," an alert from the City of Malibu stated. "The Cuthbert Circuit is in the City of Malibu and incorporated areas south of Malibu Vista, covering most of Point Dume northeast nearly to Latigo Canyon."

That alert went out at 9:43 p.m.

The City of Malibu confirmed on social media the utility company had not provided prior notice to city officials—saying SCE "notified the city after it had shut off power. SCE notified customers directly immediately."

According to the official alert, "Sheriff's deputies and sheriff's Volunteers on Patrol will be conducting additional patrols in the area. Malibu remains windy, with currently NNE 27 MPH with gusts of 46 MPH."

SCE previously announced it was considering power shutoffs in two other neighborhoods:

• Galahad Circuit (approximately the western edge of Point Dume to Point Mugu and 2-4 miles inland) – Wednesday, October 30, 12:00 AM to Thursday, October 31, 12:00 PM

• Merlin (approximately Latigo Cyn Rd to Malibu Lagoon, and about 2-4 miles inland) - Wednesday, October 30, 12:00 AM to Thursday, October 31, 12:00 PM

Advice on how to prepare for and what to do during a PSPS can be found on the city's website here or in a previous Malibu Times article here.


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James McGowan

Game seven, bottom of the ninth, two outs, full count. Here's the wind up.... pzzzt! Darkness. Whoever flipped the switch was clearly an Astros fan. You still lost, sucka!

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