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LVH Global's Malibu page on their website

When Los Angeles couple Barry and Rena Plost began looking for a luxury vacation rental close to home, they chose LVH Global. Based on its listings, they paid Luxury Vacation Homes more than $160,000 for their two-week stay.

“LVH GLOBAL is the leader in the luxury vacation home industry. With over 7,000-signature homes in over 98 destinations worldwide, we assure an exact delivery of the dream vacation you envision,” the description on the company’s Facebook page says. 

LVH Global, which bills itself as a “five-star full-service luxury vacation home” rental service, currently lists seven properties—“villas”—in Malibu for rent (

According to the couple, their expectation of a perfect getaway was not met; the couple’s complaints were spelled out in a federal lawsuit filed on Jan. 4, 2021, in New York’s Southern District Court (Plost et al v. Luxury Vacation Home LLC et al), where LVH Global is headquartered. The Plosts seek a full refund of the $164,400 they spent on rent, along with damages to be determined by the court. Specifically named in the suit are Hugh Barton, co-founder and CEO of LVH Global, and Shawn Benesh, in charge of business development and client relations at the company.

The attorney for the Plosts as well as LVH could not be reached for comment.

When the Plosts arrived at the home, located at 27112 Malibu Cove Colony Drive, on Sept. 1, they allege they were met with an array of issues including trash, dead plants and rust. The couple also complained of “incessant chirping” from a smoke alarm, “temporary, inadequate” air conditioning and “limited” basic cable on the TV. In addition, the couple alleged the rental they received was not owned by the company and, furthermore, they alleged that LVH Global “performed inadequate diligence,” allowed for “multiple layers of middlemen” between itself and the owners and overcharged them by $80,000.

This brief will be updated if the Plosts or LVH provide a reply.

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