Greg Turner

Greg Turner celebrates after being crowned champion of the Enduro National Masters in his age category.

On Sunday morning, July 17, Malibu native Greg Turner won the Enduro Nationals Masters in his 50-59 age group, despite competing with an injured knee. 

The Enduro is a mountain bike race that consists of four timed trials that vary in length and a four-mile untimed trek, which is only designed to deplete racers in between stages. Those with the best times advance to the next rounds. 

“I was in a situation where I wasn’t thinking I was going to win the race because of my knee, which I had injured the day before,” Turner said, “but I was able to take the safer lines and was able to pull it off and beat the other guy that I thought was going to win.”  

Turner described using strategy to pull ahead.

“I was the first one to finish even though I was ninth to start, because I didn’t want to stop — so my knee wouldn’t lock up — and luckily I didn’t get stuck behind anyone, so I didn’t have to make any difficult passes,” he said. 

This was Turner’s first National Master’s win, but he has been dominating the downhill circuit and has won every downhill event that he’s competed in. 

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