Chris Bathum

On Tuesday, June 28, at 6 p.m., Malibu rehabilitation center founder Christopher Bathum was arrested at his home in Lost Hills —ironically — for transport [or] sale of a controlled substance, according to Detective Jackson of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. 

“He was arrested for offering a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance,” Jackson described in a brief phone interview with The Malibu Times. The next morning, at 4:40 a.m., Bathum posted a $30,000 bail and was released, according to L.A. Sheriff’s public records.

With 27 miles of scenic beauty, Malibu is a perfect setting for upscale rehabilitation centers and Christopher Bathum was one of the first entrepreneurs to see the opportunity. Several years ago, he began to populate Malibu, Los Angeles and Colorado with a collection of sober living homes and outpatient clinics. Over the course of his career, Bathum has founded and chaired over 20 sober living homes and outpatient clinics, according to a report by LA Weekly. 

Bathum’s first venture was Seasons Malibu, an upscale rehab that has since distanced itself from the controversial figure.

In a phone interview, the center said it had “severed ties with Chris, over five years ago,” adding, “We are one of the highest rated rehabilitation centers in the area.”

A report by news website Broadly stated that Bathum was the subject of more than 50 lawsuits, with accusations ranging from insurance fraud to sexual battery. Investigations have been undertaken by the district attorney’s office, FBI, State of California and multiple insurance companies, according to LA Weekly.

Bathum was recently on television, where he was featured on ABC’s 20/20.

In the interview, Bathum categorically denied every accusation from sexual battery to eyewitness accounts of him overdosing at the Malibu Riviera Motel. When ABC reporter Matt Gutman brought up evidence that pointed to him overdosing at the Malibu hotel — where there are pictures of his white Tesla, hospital records and eyewitness accounts of him overdosing — he simply claimed that it was identity theft, and that one of his clients must have used his name.

So far, three women have come forward alleging that Bathum gave them drugs and made sexual advances towards them: Amanda Jester, Erica Braukis and Dana Reardon. Their stories all involved accusations of inappropriate and alarming sexual advances and include the use of heroin or meth.  

Bathum’s most recent venture was Community Recovery, a company of rehabilitation centers in Malibu, Los Angeles, Denver and Orange County. Since the arrest, Bathum resigned as Chairman of Community Recovery, an organization that generates $30 million a year, according to his own estimates.

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Josh Spiegel

Does this turd live in Malibu?

Thomas Smith

Beyond reprehensible what is happening with regard to this situation. Obviously this man took advantage of many families and individuals! Our hearts go out to Ms. Stanley and her family!

mari stanley

He can't even cure himself, why would anyone trust these places to treat a loved one? This is despicable, seems that he abuses dead people too by billing for treatments after they've died??
'Because he took advantage of me and, tragically hurt my son, who, sadly, died of an overdose shortly after he left Community Recovery LA, one of the many rehab names Bathum has used over the last few years. The insurance recaps I later received showed my son was still getting treatment long after he had passed away is what started it. In my grief I did a little research, starting by doing a basic Google search of Christopher Bathum's name (forget all the self-serving stuff he put up about himself and concentrate on the third party reports). What I found was scary. I only wish I had done this before falling for his program. Further digging led me to find out he has been thrown out of other rehabs, sued repeatedly by people and investors he has ripped off, been evicted several times from all the houses he's leased for his unlicensed rehabs, and is well known in the rehab community for committing insurance scams.'

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