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A sheriff's deputy talks to a beachgoer.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, in partnership with the City of Malibu, rolls out its 2019 beach team beginning this week for Memorial Day Weekend.

The rollout comes at the end of a particularly hazardous month of May, where an uptick of injury and fatal accidents was recorded by local law enforcement agencies. Beginning with the traditional start of summer on Memorial Day, Malibu locals can expect increased traffic on roadways, which can lead to more hazardous driving conditions.

The annual summer beach team provides additional patrols to Malibu’s beaches and highway in an effort to increase safety along Malibu’s 21 miles and beyond.

“Malibu is proud to welcome visitors from near and far to our beautiful beaches and one of the nation’s greatest scenic highways,” Malibu Mayor Jefferson “Zuma Jay” Wagner said in a prepared statement provided by the city. “We are the stewards of this unique place and it is up to us to keep it safe, clean and beautiful for residents and visitors alike.”

A “primary focus” for the team is patrolling for alcohol consumption on the beach, which is prohibited. According to the city, the elimination of alcohol results in “a significant reduction in the number of assaults, rescues made by lifeguards and injury accidents on the highway.”

The four primary enforcement categories, according to the beach team, are: pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and parking. There is a strong emphasis on road safety, including following all traffic laws and regulations for right-of-way, red lights, stop signs and speed limits. 

The city will be posting safety messages on social media all summer long, using the hashtag #SafeSummer.

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