Civic center improvement map (closeup)

The map, provided by the City of Malibu, features completed and upcoming construction projects.

The City of Malibu announced a number of safety and mobility-related construction projects for the area surrounding Malibu Civic Center. As one of the more high-traffic areas in Malibu, intersection and roadway improvements are at the forefront of these projects.

Here is the breakdown:

Intersection improvements

Construction involving intersection improvements around the Civic Center has an estimated completion date of October 2018. To help traffic flow, the city stated in a shared statement that it would order traffic signals to be synchronized.

New traffic signals and a second left-turn lane will be added on eastbound Pacific Coast Highway, turning onto Webb Way. 

A traffic signal at Civic Center Way and Webb Way/Stuart Ranch Road will be installed and synchronized with the signal at PCH and Webb Way to ease traffic congestion. Malibuites will see that a left-turn lane has been added to westbound Webb Way, turning onto Civic Center Way as well as a new sidewalk on Webb Way (westside), so pedestrians can get from Civic Center Way to PCH.

To enter Malibu Village/Malibu Country Mart, motorists can now use the designated right-turn lane on westbound Pacific Coast Highway going onto Cross Creek Road.

Civic Center improvements

The much-talked about Civic Center Wastewater Treatment Facility is near completion, with an estimated date of Sept. 30. Construction, however, may continue until the grand opening celebration planned for the next month on Oct. 5. According to the statement from the city, this is “the largest public project in the city’s history;” the first phase was the most expensive infrastructure project in Malibu history. 

The facility will treat and reuse (and dispose, if need be) wastewater flows from Civic Center properties. 

Starting January 2019, Civic Center Way—from Malibu Canyon Road to Webb Way—will be seeing “minor road alignment modifications” as well as new bike and pedestrian paths. The traffic lanes will be striped, and the city will be adding cosmetic landscaping along the sides of the road.

Santa Monica College-Malibu campus

Another highly anticipated project—the Malibu satellite campus of Santa Monica College—begins construction shortly in September. The site is located off of Civic Center Way, next to the Malibu Library and across the street from Legacy Park. Plans include the campus, a sheriff’s substation and a “community room/emergency operations center.” The construction was originally predicted to start on Aug. 22, per Elaine M. Polachek, interim executive vice-president of SMC, to The Malibu Times in April. Construction has an estimated finish date of Oct. 2020.

To sign up for traffic alerts from the city when the remaining projects begin construction, visit

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