Dozens of people have gathered in the Point Dume Marine Science School parking lot to share resources, supplies and support in the wake of the devastating Woolsey Fire.

The community remained without electricity, internet, telephone and cell phone service Monday, with restoration not expected for some days. Water was restored at low pressure to the neighborhood, though boil water advisories remained in effect.

As of Monday afternoon, when community relief efforts began to take shape, 25 households had been supplied with emergency gasoline and diesel fuel to power cars and generators, with more streaming in. Tables stacked with food, water, toiletries, paper products and batteries were set up for locals to supply themselves for the days ahead.

As of Monday, residents were not being allowed to reenter Malibu once they left—meaning those who stayed to fight back flames and save their homes were quickly running out of water, food and necessary supplies. But more help is needed. Much of that help is coming from civilian boats dropping off supplies, including one from Marina Del Ray loaded down with gas cans of fuel, which arrived to resupply Point Dume and other area residents.

When asked who organized the volunteers—numbering in the dozens—Point Dume resident and volunteer Barry Walker said, "It's everybody. It's a collection. It's Point Dume."

Walker's home on Bluewater survived, but he said his "street was hit pretty bad." Other neighbors agreed.

"My best friend's house on Bluewater burned down. And the house I grew up on burned down," said Brianna Strange, who was organizing fuel distribution at the site.

Boat deliveries of supplies were discouraged by Council Member Skylar Peak during a community meeting on Sunday night, but Walker said, "Skylar was on the news last night saying, 'Don't do it.' I don't see anyone out there stopping us. We've been feeding firemen."

The most-needed supplies, according to volunteers, are: fuel (both gas and diesel), batteries, flashlights and dry hay for horses. Residents of Point Dume said they were ready to accept any donations, which could be taken by boat to Paradise Cove.

One of the volunteers, Dru Ann Jacobson, pointed out the supplies neighbors—both those in town and those displaced—have contributed, including care packages compiled by a local family. Many of the supplies came in spontaneously.

"This is all volunteer. All, just out of the blue. And they just all brought it in. This is the Malibu community," Jacobson said. "I've been here over 50 years, and we've fought fires here since the 70s and everything, and this has been one of the worst fires, since it's been everywhere."

"It's not been one of the most concentrated area, it's been all over, at least the west end of Malibu," she continued. "It's second generation—it's our kids now, are fighting the fires, like we did when we were kids in the 70s. So it's kind of amazing to see. They just band together."

On Friday, the Woolsey Fire bore down on Point Dume, burning neighborhoods that had never been burned since residents could remember. Beginning as flames approached the homes and throughout the afternoon, evening and overnight, residents fought flames with garden hoses, sharing resources and protecting as many homes as possible. Many of those who fought fires alongside—and sometimes in lieu of—firefighter support were the ones organizing fuel delivery and supplies for their neighbors.

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