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Starbucks on PCH and Trancas 

Coffee and cigarettes no longer pair well together—at Starbucks, that is. 

Beginning Saturday, June 1, the popular coffee chain will ban smoking within 25 feet of all its franchises, including its Malibu locations. Smoking inside Starbucks is already banned.

The news was first reported by the Associated Press. 

"Starbucks existing no-smoking policy will be expanded to include outdoor seating areas of company-owned stores in the U.S. and Canada," a company rep told KPCC.

Starbucks has three locations in Malibu—the Malibu Colony Plaza Shopping Center, Trancas Market Shopping Center and the Malibu Country Mart. A fourth location, inside Pavilions at the Point Dume Village Shopping Center, is exempt from the ban.

What do you think of the smoking ban?

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AWESOME! as a cancer survivor I can never go near a Starbucks because of the imposing cigarette smoke....this is great....thank you Starbucks for myself and ever child, infant and person whom does not wish to contribute to their own death!

well done![wink]


Check out this study, interesting. Personally, the smell of smoke is an annoyance, especially around food establishments. I think a 25 feet ban from their store front is reasonable.

Matt Horns

Health hazards from outdoor second-hand tobacco smoke is less than 1000th of the health hazard from automobile emissions.

While I don't care about Starbucks Malibu and their patrons being naively politically-correct, I hugely apppreciate Starbucks for their awesome continuing support at numerous volunteer Heal the Bay beach and creek cleanups in Maibu Creek watershed.

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