A threat made by a Malibu High School student involving bringing a gun to school was deemed not criminal in nature by the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station on Tuesday, June 11.

“It was a statement that was made from one juvenile to another,” Sgt. Matthew Dunn said in a phone call with The Malibu Times.

He later added: “It sounded like two minors were conversing through a social media application, or app, and ... something was mentioned about a shotgun at school.” 

The conversation was sent to a school official, who in turn forwarded it to sheriff’s officials. 

How or who sent the message was unclear. Dunn did not explain whether the original comment was made publicly on social media or through direct messaging.

Deputies then “conducted an assessment,” and spoke to everyone involved, including the students, their parents and the school official. Based on the assessment, they determined the “threat” was concerning, but not criminal.

Dunn said at this time the sheriff’s station would not be taking further action, but that the parents were “acting responsibly.” When asked what that entailed, he explained, “It means they share in our concern and are handling it appropriately.”

In an email to MHS staff and families on June 11, the school’s principal, Dr. Cheli Nye, said, “We are cooperating with LASD as they continue this investigation today with the student and family.” 

It was not clear when exactly the conversation occurred, but the school district was made aware of the student conversation on Monday, June 10.

Class was still held at Malibu High on Tuesday, followed by a graduation ceremony that afternoon.

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