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You remain in a positive cycle for making life improvements and expanding your knowledge. This is a good period for spending more time outdoors, with sports or travel through the 16th. Relationships take on more importance in your life. A balance needs to be struck between your personal freedom and the needs of others. 



Health, fitness, daily routines and work are highlighted through the 22nd.  You may be dealing with added responsibilities at your job or in your career. This is a good time to roll up your sleeves and achieve your goals. Be willing to ask for help and more support from others. You can attract new resources and improve relationships.



Romantic or personal relationships are highlighted. Don’t let work or career obligations interfere with your time with others. As Mercury retrogrades in Virgo, home- and family-related issues are in the picture. This may include unresolved matters that require your attention. Good time to fix or repair things at home. 



Your energy is best expressed accomplishing daily tasks and work. Improvements can also be made in your health and fitness. This is a time to apply your knowledge or education to make some important life improvements. After the 9th, family or domestic matters are more in focus and will require a balancing act. 



Work and finances are probably on your mind through the first week of the month. Be on alert for new money opportunities. After the 9th, your mind can become flooded with new ideas that need to be expressed. The drive for more freedom, travel and exploring new possibilities remains strong through the 17th. 



You may get some kind of financial reality check around the beginning of the month. This can lead to some positive changes in your financial affairs. Research and analysis is favorable through the 21st. On the 9th, your value system can begin to shift. Personal relationships can take on more importance in your life. 



Venus transits your sign this month. Your charm and magnetism can reach new heights! Relationships and the expression of art and beauty take on more importance. There may be added family or work obligations until the 10th. On the 9th, Jupiter enters your sign for a year. Greater opportunities are coming your way. 



Unfinished business with groups and friends from the past is a main theme. This is a good time to reconnect with work- or business-related organizations. New doors can open. After the 9th, more internal balance and harmony can be restored. Seek to spend more time alone for your own personal growth and development. 



Mars continues to transit your sign. You have the energy and strength to achieve your goals. Freedom and independence remain important. There is the urge to blaze new trails through the 26th. After the 9th, you can benefit more through social interactions and involvements with groups. Personal relationships can strengthen. 



This is an ideal month to expand your knowledge and education. This may require relearning subjects. You remain in a cycle for improving your internal and emotional well-being. Much growth can result from your alone time. A balance will need to be reached between your relationships and career ambitions. 



This is a time for a deeper examination of your finances. What unnecessary expenses can be eliminated or new ways to increase earnings? Your social life remains an area to shine. You can attract new and influential friends or acquaintances through the 16th. After the 9th, relationships can flourish. 



Personal relationships are highlighted this month. Others may also be drawn to you for help or emotional support. Keep boundaries and make sure it’s a two-way street of giving and receiving. Career or work matters may be an area of dissatisfaction. This can be used to make some positive changes by the 16th. 

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