For some of the town’s most interesting events, residents frequent a place tucked into the Malibu Village on Cross Creek Road: Red Ladder Gallery.

And now, after more than a year, the gallery is set to close its doors on July 17.

In a letter to the editor submitted to The Malibu Times, Red Ladder Gallery owner Eamon Harrington wrote, “During our time here, we have tried to provide a haven for all who’ve come through our doors. When we opened we set ourselves the goal of providing inspirational and provocative artistic expression.

“To that end, we regularly changed out the paintings on our walls and programmed all sorts of evening events, ranging from music to readings to political debate.” 

And that was its intended purpose. As told in an interview with Malibu Times Magazine, he and his business partner, Adam Shaheen, opened the pop-up. 

The gallery was home to events such as screenings, pop ups featuring other independent artisans and for its iconic Salon series titled “Bring Your Own Chair.” Local politicians were invited, and even members of the press (including TMT Publishers Arnold and Karen York) to describe their experiences and thoughts in an open forum.

The series then morphed into the Phoenix Salons after the Woolsey Fire and it became a space for locals to tell their stories and take comfort in each other’s company.

Harrington’s daughter, Maggie, was the person curating these events and sales.

On the gallery’s social media, its staff wrote a farewell note with an invitation to its final event on Saturday, July 13, to celebrate its closing.

“Through it all, what became abundantly clear to me right from the very beginning is that Malibu needs other places like the Red Ladder Gallery … without the hassle of having to drive into LA to have a good time or the burden of spending a fortune,” Harrington wrote in his letter, adding: “I hope other shopkeepers will keep the momentum going.”


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