Dolphin - Johanna Spinks

Her name is Johanna Spinks and she has been studying human nature all her life. These days, the noted artist has been giving us an up close and personal look at our community through her original portraits.

Her intricate and colorful series Face of Malibu—and now, Face of Malibu Rebuilds—capture the community in good times and bad.

From her vivid depiction of “pint-sized powerhouse” and fire survivor Jill Greenberg against a soothing green and lavender background, to Chris Carradine cradling wife Carolyn in his arms, every picture tells a story.

Spinks is a professional artist and longtime resident who understands how to share her vision along with words to remember and eye-popping watercolor portraits, which make a lasting impression.

In Face of Malibu Rebuilds, she zeros in on the community’s strength, reliance and personal struggles and triumphs.

The 58-year-old resident says she can find inspiration all around.

“I’ve been here more than 20 years,” Spinks shared. “We love the ocean and nature, schools and all the good things Malibu has to offer.”

Like many of her neighbors, her home was heavily damaged by the fire, but was not totally burned down. As for swimming with the impressive roster of past and current Dolphin winners, she says, “I love Malibu and I am so lucky. It’s such an honor for me to receive this award.”

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