You continue to seek expression in the emotional realm until the 27th. This is also a good time for spiritual, creative or artistic outlets. You can benefit from more time alone, soul searching or getting better attuned to your inner needs. Get ready for taking action and new beginnings on the 27th when Mars enters your sign. 



On the 3rd, you move into a new cycle for connecting with larger groups of people. Your social life and friendships take on more importance. Your creative and artistic sides want to come out and shine. You also have a heightened sensitivity and awareness. Trust your instincts and intuition when it comes to decisions. 



Continue to examine finances or make better use of resources through the 3rd. Starting the 4th, personal relationships and friendships take on more importance through the 11th. Seek to exchange ideas and improve communications with others. After the 8th, you are in a better position to move ahead with plans and decisions. 



This is a month to expand your mind and increase your knowledge. You seek to communicate on a deeper emotional level with significant others. You can get better tuned in to your needs to make important decisions after the 8th. After the 11th, someone important or a personal friend has some practical advice for you. 



Your serious and pragmatic side is in gear through the 18th. Work, daily routines, health and fitness can take on more importance. Dig deeper into the unknown and examine internal issues. A reality check when it comes to money or expenses can do you some good. After the 19th, relationships want to shine more in your life. 



Take a step back when it comes to investment or family related decisions through the 8th. After the 8th, it is a better period for moving forward with ideas and plans. Your love life can heat up. You continue to be in a cycle for connecting on a deeper level in your relationships. Others may also be in need of your help or support. 



You are functioning more in the emotional realm. You have a heightened sensitivity and awareness. Be willing to set boundaries with others when necessary. You may even have your head in the clouds when it comes to work and can have a difficult time accomplishing tasks. Make a daily to-do list and prioritize. 



Your love life can heat up. There are many possibilities. Your creativity is strong and wants to be expressed. Try not to be too serious about everything and take your time making important decisions. Something could be out of balance with your judgment calls. On the 27th, you are ready to move ahead in a new direction. 



There are many opportunities for you through your network or social contacts. Luck can come to you through others. Your finances can take on a serious tone. Some changes may be needed. Think of ways to increase earnings or set some new budgets. Family members may need some support from you or a helping hand. 



You are in a strong position to accomplish your goals. Make sure your goals are realistic and be willing to seek guidance or support from others. Your emotions may cloud your decisions. Remain objective and pay special attention to the details. After the 27th, you feel driven to make some changes in the domestic area. 



You can benefit from more alone time and taking a more serious look at things through the 18th. On the 19th, it’s time to come out and shine in your relationships or social life. Opportunities can come to you through your network. Be careful when it comes to financial decisions as things may not be as they appear to be. 



The tide is going your way for getting your needs met and going after what you desire. You are in your own element in the emotional, spiritual and creative realm. Much can be accomplished in these areas as long as you avoid any kind of negative forms of escapism. If you keep your feet on the ground, the sky is the limit.


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