Carson Meyer

Carson Meyer of C & The Moon

Carson Meyer, a Malibu High School alumna, actress and model, grew up in Malibu, the daughter of NBC executive Ron Meyer. The young entrepreneur and NYU grad is now stepping out on her own as a doula, birth and family photographer, with an “environmentally considerate” skincare line, inspired by the importance of clean living she learned from her mom, environmentalist Kelly Meyer.

Meyer sat down with The Malibu Times to discuss her life, advocacy and goals. This story is based on that interview and emails received from Meyer.

Carson Meyer

Carson Meyer

How has growing up in Malibu made an impact on the life you’re leading today?

I feel so lucky to have been raised in such a strong community where I had the opportunity to make such supportive and loving, lifelong friendships. I believe that my desire to advocate for environmental health is inspired by living so close to some of California’s most treasured natural resources. 

What was the inspiration to become a doula?

The first time I ever saw footage of real birth was in the documentary “The Business of Being Born.” I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. Until then, I had only been exposed to Hollywood’s terrifying portrayal of birth that always seemed to take the power away from the woman and put it into the hands of a male doctor. I was moved to tears by the profound strength of the female body, the emotional transformation of the mother and the sheer magic of childbirth. I was also crying tears of anger when I learned about the politicization of the American birth experience. It broke my heart to see how our culture has stigmatized birth as an illness and instilled so much fear into women. Unfortunately, we live in a country where the quality and accessibility of women’s reproductive healthcare is constantly up for debate. As a birth doula, I have the privilege of emotionally and physically supporting families through the transition to parenthood. I help educate them on their choices, act as an advocate in the birthing room and help to provide comfort. It is the greatest joy in the world to witness the birth of a mother and her newborn child.

What contributions do you want to make in Malibu and/or the world?

I hope to contribute to a healthier world for future generations by advocating for environmental protection laws and raising awareness around the importance of non-toxic personal care products. We must become more conscious about the ingredients in our skincare, landscaping, cleaning products and food. Malibu has a long way to go when it comes to passing legislation that will protect our wildlife and personal health. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a city free of rodenticides and pesticides?

Who’s been a strong positive force in your life?

My little brother Eli. He challenged me to start [my skincare line] C & The Moon and has been such a cheerleader for me along the way 

What advice would you give a child growing up in Malibu, in the world we live in today?

Don’t be discouraged! Don’t be afraid to make radical change. We need it! 

Tell me about C & The Moon.

C & The Moon is a clean skincare line I launched last year with its debut product The Malibu Made Body Scrub. The product began in my kitchen many years ago with organic ingredients from my pantry. My mom is an environmentalist and, for as long as I can remember, she’s taught me to be aware of the potentially harmful ingredients in our everyday products. This inspired me to create my own products I could trust. The Malibu Made Body Scrub was my go-to gift and really just something I created for my own sensitive skin. After years of friends and family coming back for more, I decided to bring it to market. 

Describe a memory that stands out as a pivotal moment in your life.

I think that last year’s fire was a pivotal time in the lives of so many of us who live in Malibu. Experiencing such tremendous upheaval kind of rewires your brain. Being uprooted for so long was a challenge and certainly led to the development of new muscles for me. Looking back, I get chills thinking about how thoughtfully and selflessly our community showed up to support one another. 

What are your top three tools to handle stress?

Exercise, warm bath and a swim in the ocean.

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