Astrology forecast


Push forward in some new directions and network with others through the 6th. New doors can open up for you. After the 6th, it’s time for more reflection and to finish up those loose ends from the past. After the 19th, your emotional, artistic or spiritual side wants to be expressed. The urge is to deepen connections with others. 



A shift occurs for you on the 7th. You can feel like taking some risks and exploring new opportunities. Your independence becomes more important. There is a greater interest in social interactions and networking. You are in a favorable cycle for making new friends or expanding existing relationships through the 25th. 



Your serious and pragmatic side comes out on the 2nd. Remember to lighten up and use that sense of humor of yours! You are probably thinking more about the future and important goals to accomplish. Your mind can be flooded with creative ideas through the 9th. Remember to write them down. They have practical value.



Be willing to seek guidance on financial or business matters. Someone can offer you some practical advice through the 9th. On the 7th, you move into a cycle for attracting more support or financial resources from others. On the 19th, you move into your own element and want to connect more emotionally with significant others. 



You are in a favorable cycle for making new friends and socializing with others. You can also attract unusual types of people who interest you. After the 7th, your love life can begin to heat up and you have many options. Relationships take on more importance. On the 19th, examining internal issues may do you some good. 



You move into your own element and can accomplish many things this month. Set some new career goals. Your creativity is on the rise and emotional involvements in your personal relationships can deepen through the 9th. After the 19th, others may need your help or support. Be willing to give a helping hand to those in need.  



A positive shift begins to happen for you on the 7th. You are ready to break free from the old ways of doing things and move in a new direction. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Your freedom and independence take on more importance. Relationships expand and you can attract new friends through the 25th.



More flexibility is probably required from you dealing with family matters. Be willing to see the other person’s point of view. Some more alone time can do you some good and help you feel more balanced. On the 19th, you move into your own element and can get better tuned in to your needs and what others want.



Finances can take on more importance to you on the 2nd. It’s time to take a serious look at budgets or ways of increasing earnings. Your mind remains active with original ideas through the 19th. Some of your ideas may seem off the wall to others, but who cares? You can attract new love interests or friends after the 7th. 



On the 7th, think about new and innovative money-making opportunities. This can involve the use of technology and social media. Friendships and communications take on more importance. Your social life can flourish. Beginning on the 19th, your creative and emotional side wants to be expressed. Seek deeper connections with others. 



The tide is going your way after the 7th for attracting more love and abundance into your life. You can manifest new love interests or friendships more easily through the 25th. Be willing to express your individuality and unusual ideas. Your ideas have merit. After the 19th, avoid over spending and get a handle on finances. 



It can be favorable for you to spend some alone time and get better tuned in to your needs. Be willing to talk about issues you may have been ignoring. New business or career goals can yield results by the 10th. On the 19th, Mars enters your sign. It’s time for you to come out and actively go after what you desire. 

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