The planet Mercury ends its retrograde cycle on Nov. 3. This is a better period to begin to make important decisions. However, the planet Mars does not end its retrograde cycle until Nov. 13. Major actions or new beginnings are usually best postponed until then.


If you have been experiencing some delays or setbacks, things can begin to get back on track after Nov. 13. Your personal relationships can help bring more balance into your life, but some compromises need to be made. There is also a focus on money or support issues. Be willing to open up emotionally to the right people.


This remains a period for dealing with your inner issues and getting to know yourself better. There may be some repressed anger that needs to be released. Your work, health and daily routines are a focus through Nov. 20. On the 21st, an emotional shift begins. Connecting on a deeper level in your relationships is a priority.


You are probably dealing with your share of work or responsibilities through Nov. 10. You can also be getting a reality check in your relationships and career goals. From the 10th onward, a shift begins for you emotionally. Sharing your thoughts and feelings takes on more importance. You can feel a stronger urge to try new things. 


Family relationships and domestic matters can be running the show through Nov. 20. A favorable shift begins on the 10th for expressing your thoughts and feelings. You can get better tuned in to your needs. If there have been delays achieving your goals, you can begin to get back on track after the 13th. Time for action.


There may be internal and family matters that you need to clear the air about through Nov. 20. You can find greater satisfaction through your work. There is also the opportunity to attract resources from others. On the 21st, a shift begins. It’s time to express your fun and outgoing side. There is the urge to explore and travel. 


If you have been doing some back peddling, things can slowly begin to get back on track. Money matters take on more importance. You can also be dealing with your share of responsibilities and getting a reality check. On Nov. 10, a favorable shift begins to help you get better tuned in emotionally and manifest in the material realm.


As Venus transits your sign through Nov. 21, you are in your high cycle for attraction and expressing love. There may also be some family or domestic matters that require more from you. On the 21st, a shift begins on an emotional level. It’s time to express your feelings. Money matters take on more importance.


This is a favorable time to work behind the scenes and improve your relationship with yourself through Nov. 20. On the 21st, Venus enters your sign until Dec. 15. You are in your own element for expressing your magnetism, love and attraction. Your wish for connecting on a deeper level in your relationships can come to pass. 


You can shine in your social life and attract new friends. There may also be some unfinished business with friends from your past. You can benefit from more alone time on an emotional level. From the 21st onward, it’s time to come out of your shell and express your extroverted side. There is a stronger urge to express your independence. 


Compromises need to be made in your relationships and with any business arrangements. Seek to find more balance in your life and turn within to resolve inner issues. There may be some unfinished business with family matters. The bright spot is pursuing your goals and career. You can attract support or resources.  


Communication and your personal relationships become a priority. There is also a desire to travel and increase your knowledge. Avoid spending too much alone time. You can take things too seriously. You are also prone to indecision or changing your mind. Take your time. You can gain more clarity during the second half of the month


Your finances can use some examination. Making some adjustments with your spending habits can bring more balance. From Nov. 10 onward, you can get better turned in to your needs and express your feelings. There is a stronger urge for independence. Opportunities can come to you through your friends or social network.

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