Mercury retrogrades from Aug. 12-Sept. 5. It is usually best to postpone major decisions. Avoid misunderstandings. A lunar eclipse is on the 7th and total solar eclipse is on the 21st.  Lay low and stay balanced this month.



Your charismatic and playful side can lead to new friendships and improve your personal relationships. You have the strength and determination to accomplish important goals. Some family-or home-related matters may be a bit of a challenge and will require more sensitivity from you. Be conservative with financial matters.



Family and domestic matters take on more importance. You may feel the urge to make some changes at home. Your emotional or sentimental side comes out to be expressed. You can deepen the connection with your friends and expand your social life through the 11th. During the second half, play it safe with financial decisions. 



You can feel the urge to clean up things in your life, get better organized and improve your diet and health routine. You can get more satisfaction from work. Your imagination is on fertile ground for expressing your artistic side. When it comes to decisions, you are prone to wishful thinking. Pay attention to details.



As Venus transits your sign through the 25th, you can attract more love and abundance. New opportunities are present. You can also be more tuned in to your feelings and intuition. During the second half, there is an increase in activity that can have you juggling many balls. Remember to slow down and stay balanced. 



The tide is moving in your direction to go after your goals and desires, make new friends and influence people. Others are drawn to your strength and charisma. Just remember to tread lightly around other people’s feelings. Spending more alone time can do you some good to get better tuned in to your needs and feelings. 



You are in your own element for work, getting tasks done, analyzing things and cleaning up loose ends in your life. In the relationship department, you can have some blind spots. Be objective when it comes to others. Be willing to lend a helping hand if needed. You can get a sense of family from your social life and friends. 



There can be an increased drive to accomplish your goals. Your social life is the place you can shine and make new friends. Your emotional side can run the show through the 25th.  Family and domestic matters also take on more importance. During the second half, you can feel the urge to make some major changes in your life.



Expanding your horizons or travel is where you can find joy. You may be led to a new romance or an existing relationship can deepen emotionally through the 11th. In your career or business, more flexibility will be needed. You can also be dealing with unfinished business with friends from your past during the second half. 



You are in a favorable cycle for new opportunities, travel and expanding your knowledge. This is an ideal time for networking and getting involved with larger groups of people. There may be areas in your career or work that need to be changed during the second half. Be more cautious with the handling of finances. 



Opportunities are coming your way through others or new partnerships. This is a good time to further your knowledge related to work or your career. Get better organized as activity is picking up during the second half. Your love life can also heat up as Venus transits Cancer this month. Other people may need a helping hand. 



There is likely to be increased activity and fun with relationships or friendships in your life. Just remember not to let yourself revolve around other people. What you want is equally important. You can also expand your social life. This is a good time to get your financial affairs in order, including your spending habits and budgets. 



You are in a favorable period for creative and artistic expression. You can deepen your connections with significant others or even attract new love interests through the 11th. Your work life is an area where you can shine and accomplish many things. Be open to making improvements in your day-to-day routine.

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