As Mercury continues its retrograde cycle until the 18th, avoid misunderstandings or miscommunications with others. Major decisions or purchases of mechanical devices are usually best postponed during this phase.


Re-evaluate your goals for the future. You may continue to deal with some unfinished business with others from your past. On the 12th, you can begin to feel more driven to accomplish goals and deal with added responsibilities. More balance will be found through your relationships, recreation or children in your life.


There is a stronger urge to break free in some new directions. Work or career matters are subject to unexpected changes. Try to be flexible. On Aug. 6, your artistic and relationship-oriented side seeks greater expression. On the 12th, you can begin to feel like revisiting places from the past and reexamining your belief system.


You can change your mind a lot this month, so take your time making decisions. This is a good time for introspection and tying up loose ends from the past. On the sixth, opportunities can begin to open for more fun or romance in your life. Keep your spending habits in check and be more cautious with financial decisions.


This is a good time to review money matters and make some adjustments. On the 12th, more activity can begin to heat up in your relationships. You can also be dealing with some unfinished business with others from the past. Emotional connections with family and significant others can deepen. Your outlook can improve. 


You are open to new experiences in your personal relationships during the first week of the month. A balancing act will need to be made between your personal needs, others and career matters. You can shine and want to be recognized for what you have to say. After the 12th, more of a focus on work and health routines can do you good.


This can be a beneficial time for you to dig deeper into your inner self and spend more alone time. Through Aug. 6, Venus transits your sign for the greater expression of love and money opportunities. On the 12th, you can begin to reconnect with important goals and your creative side. Be cautious with money decisions.


You are ready to come out and express more of your artistic side and greater love in your relationships on the sixth as Venus enters your sign this month. Your social life is an area you can shine and make new friends. On the 12th, there can begin to be some unfinished business related to family matters that requires more of your attention.


Try to be more adaptable in your personal relationships during the first week of the month. You are also prone to excess, so practice moderation in all things. On the sixth, you can begin to find more inner harmony and balance spending some more alone time. On the 12th, you can reconnect with important goals you have been putting off. 


You can get better tuned in to your needs and deepen connections with others. Financial or business opportunities are more plentiful through the month of September. On Aug. 6, you can begin to make new friends more easily and shine in your social life. On the 12th, be more conservative and serious about money matters. 


You can reinvent yourself and also discover new ways of doing business. Networking with others can open up new opportunities. On the 12th, Mars re-enters your sign. The tide is flowing your way to accomplish goals. On the sixth, relationships will begin to require more attention and will be where you find balance.


You are in your own element for expressing your uniqueness and ideas through the 12th. After the 12th, some more alone time and introspection can be good for you. On the sixth, you can begin to feel like traveling and exploring new horizons. Relationships can shine but others may be too demanding of your attention.  


Opportunities can open to you through your friends or networking with others. You can also get better tuned in to your needs and deepen the connections in your relationships. Try to get better organized as you can be handling a lot in your daily affairs or at work. Be more prudent with money matters and decisions after the sixth.

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