Lenny Goldsmith

Longtime Malibu resident and singer/songwriter Lenny Goldsmith has been an active community member for decades. 

“When I think of the heart and soul of Malibu, when I think who really makes this place come alive, who is the pulse-beat of our wonderful city and a true shining star, one name comes to mind: Lenny Goldsmith,” Lori Gray, Goldsmith’s nominator, said in her nomination of Goldsmith.

Goldsmith and his musical group, The New Old, have entertained countless fundraisers and charity events throughout the City of Malibu.

“One would be hard-pressed to find a charity or a cause Lenny and his group, The New Old, hasn’t played for,” Gray said.

According to Gray, Goldsmith’s “optimistic attitude, fabulous stories and infectious smile” have made him a friend to many in the Malibu community. 

Goldsmith’s “true passion,” according to Gray, is his family. He passed on his musical legacy to his kids—Taylor, Blake and Griffin--—who are all products of Malibu High School. 

“Lenny’s been making music decades longer than Malibu has been a city and has been a singer/songwriter for numerous groups including Sweathog and The Tower of Power,” Gray said. 

Goldsmith and his wife, Kathy, will be moving to Pasadena this month in order to be closer to their kids. He and his music will be dearly missed by the Malibu community.

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