Bridging Communities Summer Fest kicked off the first weekend of summer celebrations at Vital Zuman on Sunday.

Talented youth and performers from all over Los Angeles came out to participate. The audience joined in on singing and workouts by Uro Gym’s Geza Kiss, and were mystified by magic tricks from Jimmy H. This event was to raise awareness for the outreach and scholarship programs supported by Team United, Global Campus Brotherhood Through The Arts Foundation and the Malibu Ballet and Performing Arts Society. 

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It was honored to present my Euro-Gym, the only European Fitness-System in the USA. I enjoyed the audience-participation and the openness to me System's Mind over Body concept.

Good Health!

Geza KIss
Facebook: Eurogym Geza KIss


However - miss or mr African American - they did put the photo in there just to show how enlightened are. And you should really lighten up.


MyOpinionMatters: If I was so angry that there were not enough of AFRICAN AMERICANS in my neighboorhood and I was AFRICAN AMERICAN, I'd question why I am here and would move to a more AFRICAN AMERICAN area such as Long Beach, all of Georgia and most of the South. I never hear other groups always complaining about multi-culturalism. I never ever hear about Hispanics complaining there just aren't enough Hispanics. I rarely hear Asians complaining that the United States just isn't multicultural enough. Why do you?


Are you serious with the cover story!! Little Miss African American! Way to shine a light on Malibu's lack of multi-cultural and multi ethnic community. Way to advertise the token of the week! As aN AFRICAN AMERICAN resident of Malibu...I am appalled...who would write such a story...oh I'm sorry...It's not a story..because no where in the cover copy does it mention a thing about "Little Miss African American" the creator of this "story" YOU'RE FIRED!![angry][thumbdown]

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