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The big opening night at the new opera house in Downtown LA!

The LA Opera’s 2019-20 season starts this Saturday night with the amazing new “La Bohéme” staging by the great Kosky!

It is a different kind of performance, i.e., not the traditional one we have seen in the past.

Also, there is something new about the stage, as the Dorothy Chandler Opera House has been redone to make everyone open their eyes and see a new world before them. 

The Kosky version of “La Bohéme” was a big hit in Berlin at the beginning of the year. One of LA’s biggest music critics described Kosky as “most riotously (and on occasion chillingly) imaginative opera directors.”

So take a chill from the usual opera performance and hear something new and “hip.” You might like it, even if you are a traditional opera lover! 

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