Mercury is retrograde through May 22. The combination of Mars and Mercury retrograde through the 22nd is a bit of a “double whammy” for making important decisions or starting new projects. Be patient, think things through carefully and avoid misunderstandings with others. 


Your independent streak can kick into gear during the first half of the month. You may even feel rebellious in some ways and want to break the rules. Think of positive ways to express pent-up energy. This may include physical or athletic outlets. Your inventive side and creative ideas can lead you in a new direction.


As Venus transits your sign through the 23rd, you are in a favorable cycle for attracting money and the greater expression of love in your life. Take advantage of good opportunities in the material realm during the first half of the month. Health, diet and fitness can take on more importance. Improvements can be made. 


You can benefit from more alone time and dealing with unfinished or loose ends from your past. Inner work on an emotional and/or psychological level can yield positive results. When it comes to important money or investment decisions, sit tight until after the 22nd. You will have sounder judgment during the last week of the month. 


This is a good month to reconnect with friends and acquaintances from the past. If you make yourself more visible by attending social events and networking with larger groups, it can lead to new financial or business opportunities. Pay more attention to your health needs and make some changes with your daily regimen.


Becoming more flexible in career or business matters may be necessary to get further ahead this month. The focus is more on money issues and accomplishing goals. Patience will be required if you have to take some back steps along the way. Reconnecting with recreational interests will be a good stress reliever.  


Be cautious about any advice you are receiving regarding money matters. Your optimistic point of view may require a reality check. Important purchases or investment decisions are probably best postponed until after the 22nd. Unfinished business-related family or matters at home might demand more of your attention. 


This is a good time to examine money matters, including the use of resources, debt, loans and spending habits. Some adjustments are probably needed and improvements can be made in this area. A deeper look into your own personal or internal issues can lead to a greater understanding and even a healing process. 


Personal relationships are highlighted and can take on more importance. Compromise is required. You can’t have your own way and will have to yield to the needs of others. This brings things back into balance. You may be second-guessing your money decisions. Reevaluate the situation to get a handle on it. 


Patience will be needed in terms of accomplishing your goals or new projects as Mars retrogrades in your sign until the end of June. You may be juggling too many balls. Get better organized. Narrowing your focus will help. The urge for more personal freedom and independence is strong during the first half of the month. 


This is a good month to do inner work and spend more time alone through the 26th. You can release a lot of issues from the past. Romance and money or investment opportunities are also highlighted favorably through the 15th. Keep working toward your goals. Something on a larger scale may manifest by June. 


You may be feeling the urge to make some changes with future goals and some friends in your life. Your independent streak wants to rear its head during the first half. Family or domestic matters at home will probably demand more of your attention. More flexibility may be required from you dealing with family members. 


Your ideas have merit and can be used in tangible ways to manifest more money or opportunities through the 15th. Be patient in regard to career matters. Some changes may be required in the way you do business. Be willing to interact socially with groups. You can attract influential people to help you on your career path. 

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