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Even though the entire City of Malibu was under mandatory evacuation during the weeks after the Woolsey Fire, many residents stayed behind to defend their own homes and properties. Unfortunately, because of strict roadblocks, most deliveries of food, water and other supplies to the city were turned away. 

Many local businesses—particularly restaurants and grocery stores—stepped up to the plate to help feed the residents who stayed behind as food became scarcer. The problem was compounded by the fact that the power was out in most of Malibu for nearly two weeks, perishable foods began to spoil and there was usually no way to cook it.

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“During the evacuation and power outage, we had a walk-in [refrigerator/freezer] filled with food that was going to spoil,” wrote the owner of The Malibu Farm Pier Café and the Malibu Farm Restaurant, Helene Henderson. In order to use up that food, chef Dane Skophammer and her son Casper, who hadn’t evacuated, went to the restaurant, cooked a meal in the dark, and brought it to the Point Dume School to feed other locals who hadn’t evacuated.

There are many similar stories, from Trancas to Las Flores, and these local businesses will be recognized for their service to the community at the Dolphin Awards with an honor scroll listing their names. Those will include D’Amore’s Pizza, The Malibu Farm Pier Café, Malibu Farm Restaurant, Duke’s Restaurant, Tramonto, Ralphs, Kristy’s, Pavilions, SunLife Organics, Nobu, Country Liquor Store and Colony House Liquors. After evacuees returned, the Hiptique clothing store at Trancas opened its doors to fire victims at a special event, giving out free clothing and household items. 

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