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Carole King’s iconic “Tapestry”

Step to the beat, y’all. 

It’s here: The 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees have been announced. That means awards season is really underway. 

One sure bet on the list is Carole King, famous creator of the classic “Tapestry,” which was released when I was in my pre-teen days. That was one thing posted to my note board in those years—I loved the cover art of Carole King’s “Tapestry” album, a cover I got to pick out of the A&M records library. There was Carole, the light hitting her just right from sheer Chinese curtains in her bare feet, tattered jeans with a furry co-star of a gray cat at her feet. With her knit sweater and head full of curls, she looked like she just tumbled down the hills from Laurel Canyon where all her soulmates lived. 

Every song on “Tapestry” was a hit, beginning with “I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet,” plus “You’ve Got a Friend,” “It’s Too Late,” “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman,” “Sweet Seasons” and more.

King began at a young age writing 60s hits like “Up on the Roof,” “Locomotion” and “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” music creds to earn her the coveted title.


AND THEN ALL THE REST...                                                                                         

And in addition to Carole King, here’s where we get to the other nominees. Another sure bet (in my opinion) is Tina Turner with that out-of-this-world vocal range and legs that are legendary.

In other categories, Jay-Z made the  list. Also up for honors are Mary J. Blige, Kate Bush and Foo Fighters (another favorite, perhaps), alongside all-girl band with a sweet tooth, The Go-Go’s; Iron Maiden (nothing captures an era like it); and Chaka Khan (ditto on the era-defining repertoire). Also on the list: Flea Kati, Alcohol J, New York Dolls and Rage Against the Machine (a surprise perhaps).

Do you know the way to San Jose? She does. The great Dionne Warwick has a nod. Plus, two of my rave faves: Todd Rontgen and Devo.

Rock on!

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Alex Cadar

Please Kim keep the absolute mess of an article to yourself ... it was Sha-na-na who had a “ sweet tooth” with so want candy...referring to Iron Maiden as “it” and foo fighters they suck ... as for a”surprise “ about Rage Against the machine that’s not surprising as they were a powerful force of a band we all know the pretentious rock n roll hall of fame voters keep ancient music like Carol King in there hallowed halls ... Kate Bush is the better choice ... please do not write a music article again I’m still in pain from reading this

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