Jay Liebig is gloating over the city's loss in its case defending the citizen referendum of the LCP, yet he expresses no shame for having sued the city and lost three times. I remember the council meeting at which the city attorney told the council that the lawsuit over the referendum raised new questions of law and took the city into uncharted waters. I am proud that our city council chose to fight the good fight, even if the court ultimately decided against us. Better that than ignore the will of people and always wonder whether the referendum was valid. Malibu finally has a city council that chooses its battles wisely and fights for its residents.

Jay Liebig and his so-called organization, Taxpayers for Livable Communities or TLC, can't say the same about their lawsuits. First, they sued to stop the city from trying to adopt its own LCP. They lost that lawsuit. Next they sued to stop council members House and Jennings from meeting with residents to evaluate the Coastal Commission's LCP. They lost that lawsuit. Then they sued to overturn a planning approval and lost that lawsuit too. Malibu should have a three-strikes rule: three losses in a row and no more lawsuits. Or maybe TLC should just be upfront about its strategy and rename itself Taxpayers for Litigious Communities.

Howard Rudzki

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