Milestones Ranch Malibu

It’s no surprise to Malibu residents that we have more than our fair share of recovery centers. What may be surprising, however, is how many of those centers, including Milestones Ranch Malibu, offer truly effective and exceptional care to individuals whose lives have been compromised by substance use disorders. 

Beginning Aug. 28, from 6-9 p.m., one of the nation’s premier dual diagnosis programs, Milestones Ranch Malibu, will be presenting the first of a series of educational programs entitled Fact or Fiction—The Truth About Addiction. Individuals and families are invited attend this FREE event.

Keynoting the event will be Christopher Kennedy Lawford, activist, attorney and author, son of actor Peter Lawford and Patricia Kennedy Lawford, and nephew of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy. Calling upon his personal struggles with addiction, as well as his family’s well-documented issues with substance use disorders, Mr. Lawford will discuss his many attempts at recovery and his ultimate sobriety and provide advice on how to help loved ones suffering from addiction. 

Also participating are expert panelists: 

• Dr. Timothy Fong, MD, UCLA professor of addiction psychiatry

• Dr. Judy Ho, clinical & forensic psychologist, Pepperdine professor, “Face the Truth” co-host and media consultant 

• Denise Klein, MSW, executive director and CEO of Milestones Ranch Malibu

• Burr Cook, RN, interventionist and executive director of Balboa Horizons

• Kurt Garbe, MA, national outreach representative for Visions Adolescent Center & PCH, and 

• Robert Scholz, LMFT, addiction and mental health expert.

All are welcome but space is limited so please call or email for reservations at 818.879.9110 or

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