The common crow is anything but ordinary. Take a few moments to observe this dark-winged beauty and you’ll be amazed.

When I was a young boy, biologist Farley Mowat's book "Never Cry Wolf" eloquently described nature and wolves — like the world had never known before. Wolves are exquisite predators; it's time for humans to grant amnesty to this majestic animal, which plays a pivotal role in the wild.

This Thanksgiving I'm most grateful for our 1.8 trillion honeybees on earth: They provide us with the foods we eat, the cotton we wear, the beeswax we use, powerful medicines (Apis therapy) for fighting pain and their scrumptious and healthful honey.

In the past month my colleagues around the globe have shared a remarkable mpeg and video highlighting the intelligence of animals, for example a singing whale and a talking elephant.

Eagles are born to soar. They rule the sky over mountains, scrubland, lakes and oceans’ edges. Both bald and golden eagles grace the West, and once upon a time the Santa Monica Mountains.

Female moose select males with the biggest rack because it indicates their level of fitness and ensures that the dominant genes are passed to the next generation.

There are so many things that each of us can do to help our planet and make a difference. Imagine that if each of us did two things differently and asked two friends to also follow our footsteps and so on — what an enormous difference we would all make.

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