This is KBUU News - DAY 277 - the TUESDAY Headlines:
= A malfunctioning computer may be the reason hundreds of Malibu homes burned.
= A county report says maps could not be loaded form one computer to another … causing fire trucks to sit idle.
= This one was hard to believe … but last night Malibu residents have almost nothing to say about how the city handled the Woolsey Fire.
= The city manager says the audit of her performance has some major errors.
= and the P C H diet is over … the narrow lanes were removed last night.
Malibu residents who were infuriated by fire trucks that were sitting on the road during the Woolsey Fire can blame a malfunctioning computer … and bad planning.
That’s the conclusion of an after-action report compiled by the L A County Supervisors and fire department. What we know:
Maybe because it's the middle of summer … or maybe it's because Malibu residents have had enough rehashing of the Woolsey fire.
But only six people showed up to testify last night … as the Malibu city council reviewed the city's performance during the disaster nine months ago.
And none of those six had major criticism of the city manager … or city staff. Details:
Most of Malibu’s city council says they have no problem with Southern California Edison’s conversion of a field in the center of the city into an industrial storage yard.
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Malibu has another new police chief.
Sheriff Alex Villanueva has appointed Matthew Vander Horck to be the new captain at the Malibu Lost Hills sheriffs station.
He had been serving as the personnel operations lieutenant at the sheriff’s headquarters near downtown … before transferring to Malibu Lost Hills station.
The selection was announced at last night’s city council meeting.
And it was an apparent surprise to the council.
He is the fourth commander at Malibu-Lost Hills in the last year.
Other cities that are contract with the L A County sheriff’s office for police services are allowed to help select their captains … who serve as the top police officer in the city.
Not so Malibu .. where relations between L A sheriff Alex Villanueva and the city council can be best described as strained.
Council members last night wished Captain Vender Horck the best and said they look forward to working with him.
Finally this morning … road crews last night took P C H off its big diet.
The road was restriped at Escondido beach.
For a year and a half … caltrans contractors have been working on a 5.9 million dollar project.
An active landslide has been bedeviling engineers between Ladigo Beach and Escondido Beach … road has been moving despite several attempts to short up.
Over the last 18 months … PCH has been pinned to the rock far below the surface.
And a new retaining wall has been built above Escondido Beach.
Lanes have been reduced so narrow that we saw one small sedan get open up like a sardine can I speeding pick up truck.
And a 35 mile an hour speed limit was imposed … perhaps the most ignored speed limit in California history.
Not sure when the speed limit signs are coming down … the Paint crews were there last night reconfiguring the road lanes back to normal width.
Traffic … in 65 seconds … first …
Weather for the Malibu ….
(((( )))) … highs (((( 74 )))) beaches … (((( 96 )))) mountains and canyons.
Downcoast winds … ((( 15 )))) miles per hour this afternoon.
Sunset tonight is at (((( 7:44 )))).
After that … ((( )))) tonight … low (((( 63 )))) beaches mountains and canyons.
Tomorrow should be (((( much the same )))).
Right now … at Trancas it’s (((( )))) degrees.
Leo Carrillo Beach … (((( )))).
Upper Malibu Canyon … (((( 63 )))) .
And at Civic Center Los Angeles … (((( )))).
In the ocean … it’s (((( )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.
The lifeguards say the waves today are (((( 2 to 3 )))) feet high ….
Those are (((( poor to fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.
((((( High tide is at 10:04am .. 4ft.
Low 2:54pm 2.2ft
Then a six foot high tide tonight at 9:01pm .
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