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• The LA County Board of Supervisors voted to help get people back into their homes by waiving $2 million in Water Works District 29 fees that would normally have been charged to all the fire rebuilders. Later in the year, the city, with some trepidation, decided to waive many of the rebuild fees which amounted to several million dollars, but with our high real estate values and some careful money management, the city managed to finish the year in good financial shape and in the black.

• The long-awaited Malibu city analytical report on the Woolsey Fire done by a firm hired by the city didn’t exactly point fingers but still came up with 53 suggestions on how the city can improve before the next major disaster, which was not exactly a 4.0 grade. Many of the suggestions had been made before after previous fires, but one of the principal problems that remains is the multitude of agencies that impact fire protection, which includes LA County Fire, LA County Sheriff’s Department, State CalFire, California Highway Patrol, Waterworks districts, Southern California Edison, Caltrans (which manages PCH) and a virtual alphabet soup of public land holding agencies, many of whom do not or will not clear their brush. 

• Malibu has a new Sheriff’s captain, Matthew S. Vander Horck, at the Lost Hills Station, who is a third generation law enforcement officer with both a bachelors and master’s degrees in criminal justice from Cal State Long Beach.

• In November 2020 there are going to be some changes in the voting process. The state is going to hold its presidential primary in March 2020, which is a change from the old system when we cast our ballots in June. The hope is that this time we might actually have some say in who gets nominated. We’ll also be able to cast a ballot at any county voting center, along with same-day registration and a modernized ballot marking system. However, many traditional polling places are going to be replaced by a smaller number of locations in Malibu, so the first time out it’s probably going to be a bit confusing. 

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