•  The first major fire of the year broke out in the Civic Center area at 3 a.m. with wind gusts of 33-55 miles per hour. The two-alarm brush fire was quickly jumped on by multiple local fire units and helicopter water drops. It was brought under control within three hours, showing what can be done if firefighters and the air drops are available.

•  A longtime battle brewing between the Malibu citizens of the Sycamore Park neighborhood and Joe Edmiston of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (and his satellite—the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority) almost came to blows over who could and couldn’t go into the neighborhood. Uncle Joe with his ranger and the locals with their guard were all threatening to arrest each other in an escalating situation until cooler heads prevailed. It’s all headed into the courtroom.

•  The Malibu Times’ annual Dolphin Award winners for 2017 were announced for their work and commitment to the community:

Sabrina Carey, A Malibu Youth Dolphin for her work with the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu “Torch Club” to provide assistance to the homeless

Reverend William “Bill” Kerze, 23-year pastor of Our Lady of Malibu Church, for his leadership and guidance to the entire Malibu community

Lou La Monte, former mayor and eight-year council member, for his hard work, diligence and battle both locally and statewide to protect our neighborhoods

Dylan Friedman Almond, advocating for the homeless and, starting at age 10, preparing packages of trail mix to give people to take home after Thanksgiving, which has caught on nationally.

Catherine Malcolm-Brickman and Suzanne Keith Zimmer, co-founders of the Malibu Concert on the Bluffs

Sky Stipanowich, the consummate volunteer, arts enthusiast and major driving force in the St. Aidan’s community outreach programs and throughout the community

Bianca Torrence, a co-founder of CART (Community Assistance Resource Team), president of the Malibu Rotary Club and a volunteer with the Malibu Association of Realtors

Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson, founders of American Tortoise Rescue, with more than 100 tortoises roaming their property, and founding World Turtle Day, which has grown into an international event

Malibu firefighters, who worked tirelessly and effectively to protect Malibu in the fires of 2017 which has some terrible Santa Ana conditions

Laura Zahn Rosenthal, a previous 2001 Dolphin winner, now stepping down from eight years on the council, and a leader in getting Malibu its own future school district.

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