• The Malibu Times Citizenship Awards for 2018, for their dedication to their schools and the local community, are:

Juan Cabrillo Elementary School—Mora Moro

Oaks Christian School—Hannah Baldoz

Point Dume Marine Science School—Hank Norby

Our Lady of Malibu School—Nicole Reynaga

Webster Elementary School—Rory Kohler

Webster Elementary School—Logan Epstein

Malibu High School—Olivia Thonson

Viewpoint School—Kate Kaplan

• The prices on the top end of the Malibu Real Estate market continued to grow. The latest ground breaker was a Paradise Cove-area home belonging to NBC Universal Vice Chair Ron Meyer—a five-bedroom, six-bathroom home on a three-acre bluff-top site, listed for $125 million. A home sale closed earlier in 2018 for restaurateur / hotelier Peter Morton’s Carbon Beach home, which went for $110 million.

• The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District finally realized that fundraising only works when it’s done for the local schools and agreed Malibu could raise money for its schools and Santa Monica separately raise money for its own schools. Part of this is the ongoing process to try to separate us into two separate districts.

• In a killing that shocked the country, a 35-year-old father of two—sleeping next to his daughters, ages two and four—was shot to death inside the tent at 4:44 a.m. at a campsite in Malibu Creek State Park. To date, after many false alarms, the killer has not yet been found.

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