In the face of growing resistance and protest, accompanied by some  overly optimistic predictions that COVID-19 was abetting, the state and the county began drafting a roadmap for reopening. As of May 5, the county reported 27,815 positive coronavirus tests and 1,313 deaths and belief was growing that we had seen the worst of it. Malibu had 38 known cases.

Trails and beaches reopened with restrictions in place. Beachgoers were permitted to walk, run, swim and surf, but not sit on the beaches; however, it soon became evident that the public, growing tired of being shut in, were not following the rules about wearing mask and social distancing, despite increased law enforcement. A frustrated Mayor Karen Farrer, referring to the multiple violations in the just-opened local beaches, said, “Last weekend did not go well, in my estimation.” Sadly, she was correct, as countywide the numbers of those with the virus and virus deaths began to climb again. 

In-person retail and church worship services were permitted again but not in-restaurant dining or personal services like barbershops.

The pandemic left many without income and in need and even in Malibu there were nearly 200 senior citizens among those who were food insecure, which was a nice way of say that many didn’t know where their next meal was coming from. Many local Malibu organizations like the Boys and Girls Club jumped in to fill the gap.

People were feeling alone and isolated and animal adoptions were up significantly. County shelters were emptying out as the citizenry were snatching dogs and cats to take home for company.

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