I’m a third generation, lifelong Malibu resident. My grandfather was the exclusive sales agent to the Malibu Colony for Marblehead Land Company back in the late ’30s. My dad was able to buy a little lot on Malibu Road across from the old animal hospital and build our house that I grew up in. 

I delivered the Evening Outlook in The Colony when I was 10. I bagged groceries at the Colony Market, delivered prescriptions at the old Malibu Pharmacy inside the Colony Coffee Shop, washed dishes at Cardis, waited tables at I Love Sushi and bartended at Alice’s Restaurant and Beaurivage before becoming a real estate agent over 20 years ago. 

I went to Webster, Malibu Park Jr High, Samohi and SMC. 

I have five kids: 30, 29, 27, 15 and 2.5! 

My older kids went to Webster and Malibu High. 

My 15-year-old was taken out of Malibu due to the toxin issues. I hope to have my littlest go to Webster! 

I’ve run for city council before in 2012 and 2014 to try and protect the place I have called home my whole life. I’ve continued to show up. 

I’ve been on the Civic Center design taskforce and the wastewater advisory committee. 

I’ve been outspoken on the way I’ve seen Malibu being not protected from outside issues, the exact reason we became a city. 

I will fight for what’s right and am not afraid to speak up against those that want to ignore Malibu’s mission statement.

Editor’s note: Andy Lyon did not submit an editorial for this week’s newspaper, so we have reprinted his 250-word bio we published on Sept. 3.

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